#ACT4SDGs Global Game: 2030 SDGs Game in Tokyo


Experience an enjoyable interactive game that conveys the essence, intent, and possibilities of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and explore how to start connecting them to your life!

About this Event

What is the 2030 SDGs Game?

It's a facilitated multiplayer, card-based game that simulates taking the world into the year 2030. During the game, up to 50 participants work together to explore how the world can achieve a prosperous, fair and sustainable future. The whole experience takes 2.5 hours including game-play, reflection and some time for networking.

Learn more on how the game works here on the official game website or check out this short video:


What will my takeaways be?

The game is an innovative, unique and highly collaborative approach to real-world issues. You not only get a deeper understanding of what the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals are, but also learn in a fun, playful way about their interconnectedness as well as how they can be achieved by 2030.

Where does the game come from?

Designed in Japan in 2016, this experience has become a powerful and impactful social phenomenon in Japan, earning extensive media coverage and reaching over 15,000 participants last year. 2030 SDGs Game events are held in corporate, governmental, educational, and community settings, and now has over 300 trained facilitators in a rapidly growing community within Japan.

Who will facilitate the game?

Skip Swanson & Justin Hollingworth

Skip Swanson leads the global expansion team for the 2030 SDGs Game, a simulation experience designed to ignite sparks of awareness that each of us can indeed become agents of change. An American residing in Japan for over 30 years, Skip is a community activist, counselor, public speaker, leadership development trainer, and interpreter/translator. He spearheaded the creation of the international edition of the 2030 SDGs Game and now trains facilitators of the game worldwide. He is a Director of the WakuPro Foundation in Japan, an organization dedicated to supporting the next generation of world leaders to be compassionate agents of peace and sustainability.

Who can participate?

You! Anyone, whether working in a business, school, living in the community, public-sector employees... anyone who is interested in sustainability and thinking about the world in 2030 is welcome.

Any other questions?

Contact Skip at skip@imacocollabo.or.jp with any questions.

Wed Sep 25, 2019
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM JST
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General Admission SOLD OUT ¥3,000
Student SOLD OUT ¥1,000
Venue Address
ウェスレーセンタ 301, 6 Chome-10−11 Minamiaoyama, Minato City Japan
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